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The Basics


The current judicial internship process is overwhelming and fragmented. Law students spend hours and hours compiling unique application materials to send out to individual judges.

Meanwhile judges either receive no student applications or too many applications to handle. It is an administratively daunting system that needs to be improved. 


The Fulton & Waite Scholars program was created by former law students as a solution to these problems. 



We streamline the application process for students and unite the pool of applicants for judges. Fulton & Waite Scholars increases flexibility, saves time, and provides a unique scholars program for qualified law students.

Additionally, we take the burden of vetting students off the shoulders of judges and judicial assistants while ensuring each Fulton & Waite Scholar is a willing, engaged, and committed student of the law.



Ask. Listen. Learn.


The Benefits


The positives of participating in an education-focused judicial internship are numerous. We would be hard-pressed to list all of the reasons why a judicial internship is something you should consider!


Becoming accustomed to the reality of court operations and gaining practical legal experiences provides law students with a unique advantage at the very onset of their legal career. 


Meet extraordinary people

develop valuable references.


Observe court proceedings

& witness litigation in action.


Achieve real life training

generate personal confidence.



2018 Program Dates

* choose whichever week or weeks that work best for your summer schedule! 


May 2018

May 7 (Mon.) – May 11 (Fri.)

 May 14 (Mon.) – May 18 (Fri.)

May 21 (Mon.) – May 25 (Fri.)

May 28 (Mon.) – June 1 (Fri.)

June 2018

June 4 (Mon.) – June 8 (Fri.)

June 11 (Mon.) – June 15 (Fri.)

June 18 (Mon.) – June 22 (Fri.)

June 25 (Mon.) – June 29 (Fri.)



Application Process & Program Fee

Complete our mobile-friendly application; it takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

We will schedule a 15 minute video interview with qualified candidates.

Applicants will receive notice of acceptance or rejection within 2 weeks.

Note: some applicants may be asked to complete a more expansive application form. 


Each student submits a weekly program fee based on availability and location of program. Fulton and Waite does offer need-based scholarships and finanical aid. Some of the costs associated with maintaining our program include the following.


Judicial outreach & networking. | Program design & promotion. | Administration & management. | Alumni engagement & support. | Program coordination & logistics.