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For Judges


A page for interested judges. 


 We pair each scholar with a state court judge to observe, ask informed questions, listen, and learn. Our program allows experienced judges to use their years of legal experience and intimate knowledge of the American judicial process to mentor the next generation of America's lawyers.



dedicated law students and hear about their legal aspirations.



your students to other members of the court, to friends and fellow judges.



cases on the docket, your history working in and with law, your legal experiences, and the students' questions.



and change lives simply by allowing our law students witness your daily service.



Time Commitment is Minimal


Each participating judge is asked to reserve time – 3 or more hours – throughout the week, when not occupied with official judicial activities, for conversations with assigned scholars. How many days a judge wishes to participate is entirely up to his or her discretion. 


What would I do?

Elicit questions and answer them. Show your interns the ropes by allowing them to meet clerks, court reporters, bailiffs and others in the system including lawyers of different types and fellow judges. Learn about your students and welcome the opportunity to be a guide and mentor.




1 or 2 students for each week

Review decisions and discuss cases when court is not in session.

Introduce students to other members of the court.

Answer questions. Our students will have plenty of questions!

In short, show your law students the ropes  


Minimal Commitment & Maximal Impact


Judges in the United States are encouraged to inspire and teach. Even so, it is often the case that service programs for judges are time-consuming and interfere with daily judicial duties. Our program is a response to this problem. We ensure it is easy for sitting judges to counsel the next generation of American lawyers, clerks, and judges. 



How does this program help students?


Although law schools ordinarily well-prepare students for their legal career, many law students remain unaware of what practicing law actually looks like.

Our students have not yet experienced the reality of what most judges see day-to-day in the courtroom. While some of what you deal with is good and some of it is bad, to our students it is all entirely new. By partnering with FW Scholars, your generosity becomes the fuel for our mission to inspire and equip.  



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