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Our Story & Mission


Our Story and Mission


Fulton & Waite Scholars is a Washington DC-based nonprofit that connects judges and law students for internships across the United States.



Our mission is to equip America’s next generation of attorneys - to ensure that brilliant and hard-working law students do not slip through the cracks of the US legal education system. We want all committed law students to have equal legal education opportunities.



Our program is strategically designed to equip law students with real life training, legal experiences, and the confidence necessary to begin their journey to become great lawyers. 




Our vision is to become the primary facilitator of judicial externships and internships in the United States. We believe that by centralizing the network by which law students and judges connect, we can help ensure that all talented and driven law students are equipped to not only endure law school, but flourish beyond it.


Diversity and Inclusion.

We seek to foster an environment of institutional and educational equity. We believe that a vision of inclusive excellence can only be brought about in diversity - by creating educational opportunities for all students. Law students who apply to the FW Scholars program are evaluated on three criteria: merit, character, and personal drive



Letter from the Director


A Personal Story

Before I graduated college, I had worked in my father's law firm, shadowed Superior Court Judges, been mentored by professors at Yale, Oxford, and Princeton universities, and was surrounded by influential colleagues who were delighted to help advance my career.

Many of my friends were equally as intelligent and driven, but did not have the same opportunities as I did. In time, I discovered that most students do not enter law school with these privileges - with connections they can use to leverage internship opportunities.

Sharing the Privilege

Over the past two years, I have personally met spoken to judges, students, and law school faculty in nearly every law school and state in the country. Judges are seeking an easier, more inclusive, more effective way to give back to the American legal community. Law students are searching for a streamlined way to find and secure judicial internships.

I helped organize FW Scholars in 2017 to ensure law students would have equal access to career-advancing public interest legal opportunities. We accomplish this goal by centralizing privilege - by creating a network of judges and then improving the process by which judges and law students connect for judicial externships and internships.

The Reason Why

Few things in life are more pleasurable than knowing that the work you do is impacting people in a positive way. One of our students, Jordyne from Tulane Law, wrote, "The way I see the world as a law student, as a citizen, and as a person was altered forever." Read our other student testimonials and you will quickly understand why we run this program.

I believe in our mission because I believe that what we are doing is changing lives.

 John Christian Kuehnert           Executive Director                               Fulton & Waite Scholars

John Christian Kuehnert          Executive Director                             Fulton & Waite Scholars




A note: we value transparency and honesty above all. If you have questions or want to schedule a time to speak with me, my team and I will do everything in our power to arrange the conversation. Just ask! (contact form below)

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