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FAQS for Scholars

Student FAQs 


Q. Why is there a program fee?

A. There are many costs associated with running Fulton & Waite Scholars. Some of these costs include the following:

Judicial outreach & networking. | Program design & promotion. | Administration & management. | Alumni engagement & support. | Program coordination & logistics. | Program curriculum. | Bi-weekly Skype Lectures. | Resume & LinkedIn assistance.


Q.   I will be busy during the listed dates for Fulton and Waite's upcoming program. Can you work around my schedule? 

A.  Let us know what weeks you have open and we will see what we can do. If you are unable to join during the set dates, we may have a spot for you during one of our winter programs.


Q.   Can I choose a judge to shadow? 

A.  You can request to be placed in a certain judicial district or region and we will do our best to ensure your placement is there. However, we are unable to give you a list of judges to choose from. There are a number of reasons why we do this, but primarily it has to do with judicial ethics and not using specific judicial positions to acquire students.


Q.   If I am not accepted, can I apply again for other programs? 

A. Yes, while we try to accept all hardworking and diligent law students, sometimes it is difficult to determine the level of dedication from a paper application, resume, and one interview.

If you believe you were not accepted because your interview went poorly (it happens to the best of us) or because your most recent grades were unexpectedly low, apply again at a later date! The full length application only takes about 30 minutes.


Q.   If I have reading or other work to do during the program, can I leave court for a few hours in the middle of the day?

A. No, not for the FW Scholars 10 week internship.

For the externship, maybe. It depends on your judge’s preference. If you need to leave during the day, just ask your judge prior to court being in session - let him or her know how long you will be gone and where you will be going. It's your responsibility to keep the judge informed. 

Take note, however, that court proceedings often end earlier than expected in the day or in the week depending on the number and type of cases on the docket. So we recommend that students spend as much time in the court room as possible. 


Q.   Can I apply with my friends and ask to be placed under the same judge?

A.  Yes, you can apply with friends and ask to be placed with the same judge. In the past we have placed as many as three students with a judge, but for our upcoming programs we are limited each judge to two students. 


Q.   What do I do about meals?

A.  Many judges like to have students join them for lunch. You can expect to have a number of lunches and a few of the other meals with judges and other members of the court. Some of our students eat all their meals out and others bring (or purchase) groceries upon arrival to their program city. If you need help budgeting for food or finding affordable places eat, let us know and we will help!


Q.   Will there be any tests or papers involved?

A.  For the externship, no. There will be no formal tests or papers involved. However, we expect each student to finish their pre-program reading and take notes each day. What you learn from will largely come from how intentional you are in opening doors, making connections, and asking questions. 

Internship students will take an end of summer course evaluation test. This test is administered remotely and is graded. These grades are not public, but professors, schools, and judges are allowed to submit requests to receive the grades for their students.



Other questions? Please contact us!