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Student Reviews


Why join? Read below. 


We take pride in our program and students. Each scholar has a slightly different experience, so take your time reading what our students have to say. Many of these students have written page-long testimonials. If you would like to read their full experiences, please email us!


Jordyne Johnson | Tulane University Law School

"I had the best legal internship experience of my career, hands down.... The way I see the world as a law student, as a citizen, and as a person was altered forever.... I could not have asked for a more formative, hands-on, eye-opening experience. I would recommend this program to every law student who would like a glimpse of the courtroom atmosphere and what clerking with a judge post-graduation may look like. My legal education was significantly enriched by participating in this program.... The relationships you form during your time as a scholar and the full immersion you experience are truly once in a lifetime."


Eunji Kang | George Washington University Law School

"It’s rare to come across a standout program like Fulton and Waite Scholars. The program afforded me the opportunity to speak at length with public defenders, clerks, prosecutors, judges, and other members of the court. My application took about thirty minutes to complete and my interview - though challenging - was actually enjoyable. My experience with FW Scholars was concise, instructive, memorable, and has considerably advanced my legal career. I highly recommend the Fulton and Waite Scholars Program to any serious and committed law student."


Iesha Sumerall | Howard University Law School

"The FW Scholars team did everything they could to make sure I was still able to participate in the program, including granting me full award placement…. I could sense that the team really cared about the students' experiences, and I really appreciated all of their hard work.... The FW Scholars program was a wonderful experience. Through this program, I was placed at King's Court in New York and received the opportunity to learn about the NY court system and how it operates. I learned so much about myself and where I'd like to practice after law school. The FW Team, assigned judge, and experience were all phenomenal from beginning to end."


Emmett Gilles | Yale Law School

"From my first contact with John Kuehnert, the FW Scholars Program was professional, communicative, thorough, efficient, and seamless.... All in all, this is a phenomenal program that any law student should be eager to attend. There is so much to learn, and FW Scholars brings the thirsty student directly to remarkable founts of wisdom."


Shanti Jones | John Marshall Law School

"Applying for the Fulton & Waite Scholars Program was extremely practicable.... The FW Team was very accommodating. Their response time to any questions had was impeccable. When faced with financial difficulties, the staff was there to ensure that I received financial aid..... I highly recommend the FW Scholars Program! This program allows you to gain opportunities that otherwise may not be available. During my placement, I was able to expand my network, gain courtroom procedure experience, and found a great tool for studying for the bar!"


Peter Kuylen | Texas A&M University School of Law

"The application process was easy, and the process was explained well. The internship experience was amazing. It was a great opportunity to experience the court system that I would probably not otherwise have been able to. Everyone at the court was very friendly and welcoming. The judge took time to talk with me about my experience, and was genuinely interested in my observations and questions."


Barbara McGuire - Southern University Law Center

"I really appreciated the opportunity to have a phone interview to better express my interest in the program and to provide more information about myself.... My experience at the Fulton County Superior Court [facilitated by FW Scholars] was the best experience thus far I’ve had in law school…. The Fulton and Waite Scholars program is worth applying for if you’re looking to be placed in a learning environment and expect to depart with more confidence about the law."


Noelle Sillmon | Thomas Goode Jones School of Law

"My experience with the Fulton & Waite Scholars Program was really good. The team is very informative, professional, and willing to assist me in any way possible.... The whole internship went well. If you want to branch out, gain experience, and make legal connections, Fulton & Waite Scholars is the way you should go."


Mackenzie Harmon | UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law

"I plan to work in government or public interest law, so I was exited to participate in an internship that would expose me to a variety of careers in those fields. Fulton and Waite Scholars allowed me to observe a variety of roles—from prosecutors to public defenders to attorneys providing pro bono representation—as they intersected in court. That experience helped me to think in a more informed way about what role I might play in the future."


Carra Rentie | Stanford Law School

"I truly enjoyed my internship experience and all that it offered…. I was very pleased with the application process, and my judicial placement in a tribal court allowed me to gain hands-on experience in an area of law that many attorneys never practice or become familiar with."

Benjamin Armuth Headshot.jpg

Benjamin Armuth | George Washington University Law

"As a first year law student, I was never taught what it would be like to work in a courtroom. The Fulton and Waite Scholars Program provides an excellent way for law students like me to explore a potential career path.... FW Scholars does a wonderful job preparing its scholars to engage legal professionals in a way that allows us to get the most out of our interactions with these individuals. I highly recommend this program to anyone considering law school, waiting to start law school, or in their first year of law school."


Wilson Greene IV | UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law

"The Fulton & Waite Scholars Program allows students to step into a courtroom, learn from seasoned judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys, and contextualize what we spend so much time reading about.... I would recommend this program to any student who feels like he or she cannot commit to another extracurricular activity during law school semesters, but still wants to gain experience and build his/her resume outside of summer opportunities. FW Scholars helps students to experience the “real world” of lawyering in a convenient time frame with experienced judges."


Chanda McClain | North Carolina Central University School of Law

"I would recommend the Fulton & Waite Scholars Program to any student who is driven, values their legal education, and wants to gain hands-on experience in the legal profession…. Being a Fulton & Waite Scholar means so much more than your GPA, class rank, or what law school you attend. Being a Fulton & Waite Scholar is a true reflection of hard work, dedication, integrity, and compassion."


Sheila Francois | Mitchell Hamline School of Law

"I feel fortunate to have observed such high quality advocacy. Both on the bench and in chambers the judge was incredibly thoughtful, informative, and engaged in conversation - the perfect mentor.... I feel that my experience with the Fulton & Waite Scholars Program has helped me gain invaluable insights into how judges approach court proceedings, as well as how they render their decisions….My experience has convinced me to pursue a judicial clerkship and then a career as a trial attorney."