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Listen to the students.


Please note: students in this group received stipends and financial aid from Fulton & Waite Scholars to participate. Although Fulton & Waite Scholars offers financial aid to the majority of students, stipends to participate should be sought through the student's law school. 


Eunji Kang | George Washington University Law School

"It’s rare to come across a standout program like Fulton and Waite Scholars. The program afforded me the opportunity to speak at length with public defenders, clerks, prosecutors, judges, and other members of the court.

My application took about thirty minutes to complete and my interview - though challenging - was actually enjoyable. My experience with Fulton and Waite Scholars was concise, instructive, memorable, and has considerably advanced my legal career. I highly recommend the Fulton and Waite Scholars Program to any serious and committed law student. " 


Emmett Gilles | Yale Law School

"The Fulton & Waite Scholars Program afforded me an authentic glimpse into the dynamic daily life of a Virginia Circuit Court Judge. [My judge] made my education a priority—second only to the demands of the court itself.... I watched defendants, some with aid of counsel and others per se, enter guilty pleas, seek bond, appeal to the court before facing sentencing, answer for probation violations, and seek alternate counsel.

Throughout, both on the bench and in chambers, [my judge] was personable, humorous, humble and wise—the perfect mentor for a neophyte law student. Notwithstanding full dockets and his own affairs to attend, he was generous with his time, patiently appeasing my curiosity before and after court, and he exerted his considerable influence from the bench to ensure that court attorneys, clerks, stenographer, bailiffs, and sheriffs found time to meet and speak with me.

Consequently ... I garnered a deep and diverse cross-section of impressions on Virginia’s “country lawyers” and the particular means of serving justice they espouse. Moreover, due to the unique historic nature of my regional placement (along the route of Lee’s retreat and final surrender to Grant at Appomattox, and site of the Moton public school closing and subsequent battle for racial integration after Brown v. Board of Ed.) I had occasion to learn from my surroundings and investigate the gradual change that has come to a  deeply rooted, slow-moving place.       

From my first contact with John Kuehnert, the FW Scholars Program was professional, communicative, thorough, efficient, and seamless. There was ample notice for logistical arrangements, and everything proceeded smoothly and as planned.... All in all, this is a phenomenal program that any law student should be eager to attend. There is so much to learn, and FW Scholars brings the thirsty student directly to remarkable founts of wisdom."


Mackenzie Harmon | UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law

"I plan to work in government or public interest law, so I was exited to participate in an internship that would expose me to a variety of careers in those fields. Fulton and Waite Scholars allowed me to observe a variety of roles—from prosecutors to public defenders to attorneys providing pro bono representation—as they intersected in court. That experience helped me to think in a more informed way about what role I might play in the future.

I also feel that my experience with Fulton and Waite Scholars has given me a helpful perspective on my first-year law courses. It is rare for a first-year student to be able to watch and discuss actual cases with the judge deciding them. [My judge] drew on his long and varied share valuable insight on the way doctrine, theory, and procedure interact in both civil and criminal proceedings."

Benjamin Armuth Headshot.jpg

Benjamin Armuth | George Washington University Law

“As a first year law student, I was never taught what it would be like to work in a courtroom. The Fulton and Waite Scholars Program provides an excellent way for for law students like me to explore a potential career path without having to commit an entire summer.  I got to meet judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and support staff.

Fulton and Waite does a wonderful job preparing its scholars to engage these professionals in a way that allows us to get the most out of our interactions with these individuals. I highly recommend this program to anyone considering law school, waiting to start law school, or in their first year of law school.” 


Wilson Greene IV | UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law

“From my own experience in law school, students often note that while we spend endless amounts of time reading and learning about the law, rules of procedure, and litigation strategy, we find few opportunities to step into an actual courtroom outside of a summer-long internships.

The Fulton & Waite Scholars Program allows students to step into a courtroom, learn from seasoned judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys, and contextualize what we spend so much time reading about. Moreover, considering it took place over winter break, the program conveniently falls into students’ schedules allowing for a low-stress, low-commitment experience.

Being a student that is interested in litigating in a small town once I graduate, the Fulton & Waite Scholars Program confirmed my future interest. It gave a broad overview of the types of crimes and cases typically found in the particular community I shadowed in and the judge I worked with gave knowledgeable insight into the challenges and rewards that await me if I were to pursue criminal defense.

The program dispelled many misguided perceptions of how criminal cases are typically handled - that is, it confirmed that known fact that very few cases actually go to trial. Seeing how many defendants are offered plea bargains and typically agree to them was fascinating and once again provided important context outside of the classroom.

I would recommend this program to any student who feels like he or she cannot commit to another extracurricular activity during law school semesters, but still wants to gain experience and build his/her resume outside of summer opportunities. The Fulton & Waite Program helps students to experience the “real world” of lawyering in a convenient time frame with experienced judges.”